Thunder Billies was formed shortly after the launch of WoW (in fact it was formed on 12-29-2004) by three RL friends and remains the longest lived active raiding guild on Deathwing. The first instance run as a guild was Wailing Caverns, and it was a great success.

During Vanilla, TB was a small casual guild that raided with other guilds, as was customary of the time. After many dead bosses and much rejoicing in ZG and MC. With BC on the horizon and with the arrival of the illustrious Dance Commander Psychonaut, the guild forayed into 10 man raiding in Karazhan, where they had the best raid in the world, which is painstakingly documented here:

As BC progressed, Thunder Billies became the ante-penultimate horde raiding guild on the server, with such feats as the server first Al’ar kill (because Psychonaut wanted bracers, I think) and the only guild to have their main tank be a dog wearing a suit. Thunder Billies ended up killing Illidan at some point as well.

In Wrath TB again went into 25 man raiding with much bravado and, at times, alcohol, and killed many a boss. Having many early 10 man heroic kills in ICC (Including the Lich King)  mostly due to Xan’s uncanny ability to absorb the life essence of his fellow healers following them dying. After somehow managing to not be completely destroyed by Deathbringer’s Will, Ice Tombs on Sindragosa, Hrethric dieing to dragons/quitting,or the ravings of Schmeebs,  TB concluded Wrath having cleared all content.

In Cataclysm, having been racked by losses due to such atrocities as marriage, childbirth, college, and career advancement, Thunder Billies became focused on 10 Man Heroic raiding, where TB continued to perform at a reasonable pace and managed to clear both Heroic Firelands and Heroic Dragon Soul while having an elemental shaman in the raid.

With Pandaria, TB briefly had a stint in 25 man, but then went back to 10 man, ending the expansion with a full clear of Siege of Orgrimmar heroic 10 man before the nerf made everything completely meaningless. TB also became the first guild on the server to kill Heroic Garrosh while being led by a dog in a suit.

Warlords of Draenor came, and TB – being the hardcore progression focused group it is – decided to upscale into 20 man Mythic. With the return to activity of ancient heroes of the guild in order to combat the ancient heroes of Draenor (but not the heroes of Draenor that we remember, because it’s a different universe and they aren’t the same people), TB proceeded to kill every boss many times (while only dying the perfect amount of times) without anyone dying of alcohol poisoning. It is also important to note that Rife consistently did more DPS than Psycho (especially when psycho was not in the raid). Torvald also managed to do everything terrible in the game as seen here without going completely insane (or getting the insane title).

TB continues to be the premiere Aardvark Roleplaying Conference Call guild on the server, and strives to one day take the title of greatest Aardvark Roleplaying Conference Call guild in the world.